2 thoughts on “Episode 11 – The Smell of Old Books

  1. Musty and pungent,
    Noxious and foetid/ fetid,
    But also sweet and sour are smell adjectives. What about dank? And don’t forget mundungus! I wish I could see other comments. I have no idea if someone has already listed these adjectives for y’all.

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    1. So far, yours is the only comment here. I think the other ones are on Facebook.
      The band I was in, Aromatic, had a song that was nothing but a list of smell-related words. Sadly, I can’t find it now and neither can any of my old band members.

      Noxious, fetid and dank are good ones. I hadn’t realized “mundungus” was a smell – I thought it was just one of the characters from Harry Potter!


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