Ep. 38 – Envisioning a Reusable Future

bottles, jars, and cups

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bottles, jars, and cups
digital collage by S. King using photos by @k8_iv and @tomcrewceramics from Unsplash.com

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Ep. 37 – Navigating the World of Dating Apps

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digital collage by S. King, using photos from Jacob Townsend and Andrew Leu

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Ep. 36 – Hopepunk: A light in the dystopian darkness

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Post-apocalyptic hopepunk
Digital collage by S. King, featuring an illustration by Petra Van Houtte

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Ep. 34 – Kids, Screens & Mental Health

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photo illustration by S. King using photos by Kal Visuals, averie woodard, Hans Eiskonen, & Whelsko

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Ep. 33: Crops vs. Water in California

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photo illustration by S. King, using photos by Joanna Kosinska, Matt BensonNikita Tikhomirov , and Beatrice Murch

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Next week’s article: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? by Jean M. Twenge in The Atlantic

A Brief Hiatus

We’re taking a break from podcasting during the holidays, but plan to be back sometime in late January with more and better episodes.

In the meantime, if there’s a long article you’d like us to consider discussing, post a link in the comments. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve read it yourself, as long as it seems to have an interesting topic.

Ep. 30 – The Sport of Fashion

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