3 thoughts on “Episode 7 – What Happened to the Humanities?

  1. Interesting how my experience was probably exactly half way between each of yours: In the mid-90’s I went to a liberal arts and science research institution, majored in an interdisciplinary science major, and had mandatory writing classes my freshman year (everyone did). Disney’s Little Mermaid was part of the curriculum in my Literature and the Arts class, but so was Plato. The author of the article sounded….repetitive to me.

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  2. Also, I couldn’t help but think of Wilson’s presidency the whole time I was reading the article, but didn’t see it mentioned. Wilson was criticized for being too ivory tower/academic elite, and lost political power after the war to a populist presidential candidate (Harding). There is, for me, a sense of history repeating itself that the author doesn’t seem to regard.

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